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To provide a vibrant and engaging culture where lifelong learning and continuous improvement is nurtured. We aim to promote individual excellence and encourage responsible global citizenship.



We are a school community committed to developing and implementing high quality learning and teaching. 

Diamond Creek East Primary School is guided by its motto... Dedication, Care and Excellence. 

Dedication in providing a quality primary education in an environment that encourages the interdependent partnership of all members of the learning community, staff, students and parents. 

Care by valuing individual differences- the diverse range of personalities, experiences, interests, learning styles and academic needs of our students. 

Excellence by ensuring the employment of diverse and challenging curriculum program that reflect the goals and priorities of the school and improve student learning outcomes.


At Diamond Creek East Primary School our values are:


EXCELLENCE - Being the best we can at all times. 

OPTIMISM - Focusing on positive and rewarding experiences while always striving for high achievements. 

CARE - Providing emotional, physical, professional and spiritual support.

CO-OPERATION - To consider the big picture in any decision making situation. Working together towards a common goal. 

DEDICATION - To devote one's energy and time towards achieving school and personal goals. 

RESPECT - Caring about yourself, others and the things around you.

FLEXIBILITY - Being prepared to modify your behaviours and expectations to accommodate and enhance group/school needs.

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