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The Assessement and Reporting Practices at Diamond Creek East Primary School have been designed to assist the improvement of student learning outcomes. The Victorian Curriculum outlines the expected learning progressions from Foundation to Year 10 in each Learning Area. The major components of Assessment and Reporting at Diamond Creek East Primary School are:


3 Way Conferences - Two "3 Way Conferences" are scheduled each year, one in term 1 and the second in term 3.


Formal Written Report - The mid-year and end of year reports assess children according to the Victorian Curriculum and are essential elements of the learning and teaching process at Diamond Creek East Primary School. Written reports provide summary information about students’ personal learning. They include information about children’s achievement in relation to the work and learning covered each semester.


Student Showcases - The showcase contains various tasks completed by children across a variety of learning areas. It also provides children with the opportunity to reflect on their own learning and set their own improvement goals.

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